SP16 Extra Credit Options

Here you will find options to earn extra credit for all writing projects in your final exam portfolio. You can earn up to 20 points extra credit!

WP1 The Literacy Memoir (+5 points extra credit)

Storytelling has a strong oral tradition, and the literacy memoir is your story, drawn from the experiences in your past and filtered through the lens of the present. Create an audio essay for the final draft of your Literacy Memoir. As the narrator, your voice will add another rich layer to your personal narrative. Continue reading

Writing Resources for Major Compositions

These are writing resources from Arizona Western College and Purdue Online Writing Lab designed to help you with the editing and revision processes:

Arizona Western College Writing Center

General MLA Format 

Tips for Using Quotation Marks Correctly

Parenthetical Citation Basics (In-Text Citations)

How to Cite an Interview in Your Works Cited Page

How to Cite a Web Source in Your Works Cited Page

How to Cite a Scholarly Article from an Online Database in Your Works Cited Page

Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism

Writing Mechanics Resources

Grammar Resources 

Proofreading Strategies

Revision Strategies