WP1 The Personal Essay


The Personal Essay | ENG 101 | Freshman Composition

Inquiry questions: What does it mean to me? What do I understand about this now that I didn’t understand then?

Prompt: Write a 2.5- to 3-page (double-spaced) personal essay that investigates the role that smartphone use plays in your daily life. For this first essay, you’re going to perform a social experiment… on yourself. You’ll go without your smartphone for one day and document the experience. Then, you’ll reflect on that experience in relation to your day-to-day smartphone use, and you’ll make some judgements about its role and value in your life. Continue reading

WP2 The Review Essay


The Review Essay | ENG 101 | Freshman Composition

Inquiry questions: How good is it? What is its value?

Prompt: You will write a 3.5- to 4-page review essay for a technology (not a smartphone!) that claims to improve human life in some way. Develop and use a criteria for your evaluation, and include images, details, and facts to support your claims along with support from one of our TED Talks videos. “Technology” is a purposely broad term designed to give you great freedom in choosing your topic. Technology could be a device or a website or an application. Just a few examples: Amazon’s Alexa; Ford’s “active park assist”; Snapchat; Girl Scout cookie finder app; Couchsurfing.com; a cordless drill; Sketchup.com; Roomba; etc.  Whatever subject you choose, you’ll need to experience that subject for yourself to the fullest extent possible (legally, ethically, practically). In other words, at a minimum you must have access to your subject. Not sure your topic meets the requirements? Email me your ideas for quick feedback. Continue reading

WP3 The Proposal Project

'Your proposal is innovative,  Unfortunately we won't be able to use it because we've never tried something like this before,'

The Proposal | ENG 101 | Freshman Composition 

Inquiry questions: What is the problem? What should be done?

Prompt: Work in pairs or groups of three, choose a community issue that matters to you. Generating data from a survey and drawing on facts from two local news articles, draft a 2.5- to 3-page proposal offering recommendations to a specific audience. Additionally, using Piktochart, create a 1-page, digital infographic to accompany your proposal that illustrates the data from your survey findings. Continue reading

WP4 Ethnographic Research Essay


Ethnography copy

The Ethnography Research Essay | ENG 101 | Freshman Composition

Inquiry Question: How do the people in a digitally-networked social group or culture see themselves in their world?

Assignment: Write a 7- to 8-page essay that uses digital field research (also called fieldwork) as the basis for an interpretation of how a digitally-networked subculture (that you don’t belong to) sees itself and others. This necessarily will be a limited picture, so it should focus on some aspect of the culture that emerges from your observations, one supported by scholarly research.

Continue reading